Please view photos of our Best Phoenix RV Park Spaces in our Gallery section.

Pull-Thru’s / Parking Personal Vehicles:

Pull-Thru Standard Spaces and Pull Thru Deluxe Rows 3 & 4 are the same size, the difference in price is based on the proximity to the facilities. Leaf Verde was built in the early 1980’s as an Overnight Destination RV Park, therefore, most spaces are pull-thrus 70’ long and only 22’ wide, which are now considered narrow as there were no slide outs at that time. In addition, our pull-thrus are “side-by-side hook-ups” which have the majority of Spaces sharing a patio area. When parking in these pull-thrus with no neighbor, you’ll need to park behind your RV until you do get a neighbor. Once a neighbor arrives, both guests’ vehicles will need to park behind the other guests’ RV in an effort to maximize the patio areas for each guest and eliminating a guest stepping out of their Rig into the neighbor’s vehicles. Once a neighbor checks out, you’ll need to go back to parking behind your own RV. We realize that this is not a 100% solution for our small spaces, but this is a system that works best overall. If both guests together agree not to do the switch, please inform the office. Pull-Thru Spaces with Cargo Trailers: For those RV’ers that travel with Cargo Trailers, we allow those in Rows 3, 7, and 13 only. In this situation with a Cargo Trailer, both neighbors will need to decide how to park their vehicles that best fit their shared Space. If at any time you would like to choose another Space due to these situations, please contact management and we’ll be happy to do our best to find the Space that best suits your needs!

Back-In Spaces:

South Perimeter Back-In Spaces 1-38 are approximately 45’ deep x 25’ wide. These Spaces are more comfortable with only 1 personal vehicle.

North Perimeter Back-In Spaces 55-92 are approximately 63’ deep x 25’ wide. These Spaces are more appropriate for 1 or 2 personal vehicles.

West Perimeter Back-In Spaces 41-51 are approximately 53’ deep x 24’ wide.

Deluxe Row 2 Spaces

Deluxe Row 2 Back-In Spaces offer a 9’ x 10’ paver patio, 40’ or 47’ length for your Rig, 30’ length for your car and approximately 45’ wide at the street, and privacy screens in the center of the Space. It’s more of an “L” shape design.

Premium Spaces:

These Spaces are noted on our map in “pink” and are typically not sharing a courtyard and are approximately 3-5’ wider.